Инструкция на фольксваген пассат в3 1889 года

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Most cars have a simple clevis pin on the pedal arm which passes through a fork on the end of the pushrod. Если развалятся — поставлю оригинал от Шарана.Итак начинаем.1. Ослабляем верхнюю гайку2. Домкратим авто, снимаем колесо, под шаровую опору подставляем второй домкрат(у меня есть штатный от Ниссана с вертикальным подъёмом) поднимаем так, чтобы чуть оторвалось заднее колесо. Trying to smooth the bore with abrasives only makes it worse, and the roughness quickly wears out new seals. Bleed the system (See Bleeding the clutch). Removing a clutch master cylinder Set a container to catch any fluid that runs out when you remove the cylinder, and protect paintwork with plastic sheeting or absorbent rags. Put a small sheet of plastic over the mouth of the reservoir, the screw the cap back on over the plastic. Lack of fluid is easily fixed by topping up the master-cylinder reservoir, but you still have to find out why the fluid level was low.

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