Инструкция для камеры nikon l110

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About this time last year it introduced the CoolPix L100, a camera with a big 15x zoom lens and the SLR-style body of a traditional superzoom, but with the simple controls and limited menu options of a point-and-shoot compact. The camera is equipped with a function for recording HD movies with stereo sound. Держать аппарат очень удобно, чему в немалой степени способствует и специальная резиновая вставка на задней части корпуса, расположенная справа от дисплея над кнопками управления. The body has a large handgrip with a textured grip area, and a round thumbgrip on the back. It is very comfortable to hold and easy to grip securely. It comes with a good quality neck strap. Equipped with a 15x optical zoom NIKKOR lens, this camera supports shooting at a broad range of focal lengths with 35mm format equivalent angles of view of 28mm up to 420mm. Loading Ratings & Reviews There are no user reviews for this product.

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