Инструкция honda bf-5

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Honda iST, which can control up to four motors from two stations, was previously available only for the 3.5-liter BF250 model. Внуковская, 2А Санкт-Петербург-Волковская Волковский пр., 62 (угол ул. Березовский, Режевской тракт, 15-й км. 28)Екатеринбург Чкаловский. В Екатеринбурге Чкаловский ул. The little inflatables Honda provided for testing were kind of squirrely, so we dropped a BF6 on the transom of a 135-pound, 14’ Alumacraft 1436 Jon Sierra LT with a 15 HP rating. The 59.5-pound dry weight (for the 15” shaft length model) is typical for motors in this category, but the claimed 52-pound weight for the new Suzuki DF6 is best-in-class.

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