Pioneer 923 инструкция

Название файла: 8b7390cc-dc6b-433b-8267-693671df688b.pdf
Размер файла: 647 Килобайт
Количество загрузок: 1944
Скачать: 8b7390cc-dc6b-433b-8267-693671df688b.pdf
Зеркало: SDoc103-8.pdf

Remember to sync your remote whenever making changes. You can add a song or station to «Favorites» by pressing and holding a song or station from the «Internet Radio» and «Media Server» functions. Delivering remarkable performance in an elegant package, it’s a receiver designed with advanced technology that performs exquisitely in the moment, while at the same time never taking its eyes off the future. Newer models, like the ’11 and ’12 series receivers, have a preset IR code database within their OSD or GUI menu.

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