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Korando имел подключаемый полный привод (part-time) и понижающую передачу, включаемые при помощи электроники. Unlike the diesel, the petrol engine needs some right foot to keep pace and when more acceleration is needed the four-speed automatic seems to get distracted for a moment before dropping down to the appropriate gear, sometimes with a thump. Two wheelbases are on offer, as well as a high roof version, with the short wheelbase model rated at 3,200kg GVM and the long wheelbase at 3,500kg. Our new Navara is a big step up, with a coil-sprung rear suspension for more comfort, and a car-like drive, but it’s still roomy enough for all you’ll want to carry, and it’s still built tough,” he said. Nissan Navara As mentioned, the Navara ST-X was the first of the “big truck” utes on the NZ market, and it’s a tribute to its simple styling and rugged chassis that its popularity continues.

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