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Between 2003 and 2004, the Lacetti was marketed in Australia as a Daewoo before Holden withdrew the brand from Australia due to unsustainable sales. The SRi was three-door hatchback only, and the standard Astra was only available with a 1.8-litre 16-valve engine. Дело тут даже не в мощности (охотно брали и версии с атмосферником 1,6 л), но в красоте! This series also marked the return of the five-door SRi, although it was now standard with the 1.8- as opposed to the 2.2-litre petrol engine previously fitted. Holden in Australia did not sell the Opel-based Astra, known as the TR series, until September 1996,[9] after the dissolution of Australian Government Button car plan. Convertible: released in December 2001 and fitted with the 2.2-litre Z22SE engine.

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