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Even though the Nazis succeeded in bringing Heinrich I to life, B.J. managed to destroy the undead warlord. However, Wolfenstein 3D Classic (which turns Wolf 3D into a tie-in to the RTCW games) makes the fact that BJ is Commander Keen’s grandfather more explicit in the extras trivia menu. Bouche Cologne — A cologne advertised for the man who wants to feel like a real man. Sent into the holding cells of the castle, Blazkowicz manages to escape with the help of a pipe which he uses as a weapon. He goes through the asylum wing of the castle and evades the jaws of a Panzerhund, as well as the various super soldiers guarding the prison. Mike Andrews (Two commercials) — A self-help guru promoting a «less is more» approach to wealth for the poor. The interrogation doesn’t go so well, however B.J. manages to break free, electrocute Rudi in the chair and then kill his dog Greta, who was snacking on the Wesley’s body.

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