Motorola radius gp300 инструкция характеристика

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Page 12 GP300 Portable Radios Controls, Switches, Indicators and Connectors Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button When depressed and held, engages the transmitter and puts radio in the transmit mode. Standardeigenschaften fr alle Modelle Geringe Abmessungen, hohe Leistung Das leistungsstarke Radius GP300 ist fr alle Anwendungen und Einsatzbereiche bestens geeignet. Выпускалась в различных версиях. В данной статье рассматриваются версии для VHF И UHF диапазонов. The circuit can be activated by soldering a small jumper on the RF board. Naturally, you need different programming software (RSS), but if you’ve ever programmed a MaxTrac, you’ll be right at home with the GM300. The radios operate the same, too.

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